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At Tree Barker our commitment is to making sure that your trees and shrubs remain beautiful and healthy while also offering information and advice to help keep your trees viable in the treasure valley. Our ISA certified arborist will provide all your tree and shrub consultation needs.  We have a strong focus in identifying potential hazards to your trees, so we can help insure that we do the right cut, in the right place, at the right time.


The truth is, any ISA certified Arborist can just give you a report. That’s not us, it’s not in our nature to be average.


We aim higher, to provide you with a better, more complete service.


Our goal is to make sure your trees and shrubs remain healthy and look amazing for a long time, not just hand you a list of recommendations. All we ask is for the chance to share our passion of trees with you. You won’t be disappointed.



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